A young athlete looking for an adult only home

Arnie is a 3 year old American Bully who is fully vaccinated and neutered.  He has a lovely nature with people but can get excited and boisterous when playing so this needs to be managed.  Due to his size/strength we would be looking for an adult only home or one with older children as he could easily knock over little ones by accident due to his size.  He walks well on a harness and will pass other dogs etc without a problem but we would be looking for a home as an only dogs purely because he loves attention and deserves to be the centre of an owners world. 

His short life has included a number of owners so anyone interested in offering him a home needs to be fully committed to a lifetime of love.  Despite his sise/weight he is very athletic and can jump quite high so any garden fencing must be high and well maintained.

If you’re interested in Arnie please email Before you contact us please read Our Adoption Policy