A young man looking for an experienced owner.

Snoops is almost 2 years old and is an American Bulldog x Staffordshire Bull Terrier who came to RDR via another rescue.  He is now fully vaccinated and neutered and looking for an experienced owner who has owned an American Bull or similar in the past.  Due to his previous situation/life he can be extremely wary of new situations and people (particularly men) and although he comes across as being brave very simple things can scare him on occasions.  He can get over excited and play roughly so an adult only home would be needed.  He has lived with another dog and a cat in the past and does appear friendly towards other animals but careful introductions would be needed.  He is Labrador size and can be strong on the lead to start with but soon settles down and walks much better on a harness. 

 He would benefit from a kind but confident owner who is prepared to spend time visiting him in kennels before taking him home on trial.  He has been clean in his kennel and hasn’t chewed anything he shouldn’t and behaved well at the vets.  He is getting better at travelling in the car and settles well when secured on a harness but doesn’t like being restrained in a crate.  Snoops is a very handsome boy and will make a great companion with the right person and definitely deserves a happy ending. 

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