Paddy and Daithi (Dahee)

Two young boys looking for a new start in life

Our two labrador boys came into rescue at the end of September 2022 when they were 18 months old and are full brothers.  They had always lived in an outside kennel and never been parted from each other.  They’d had limited interaction with humans etc but were very good at just ‘being dogs’.  With alot of patience and TLC they have grown in confidence and are happy, waggy labradors with the people that they know.  They are now fully vaccinated and castrated and their confidence grows day by day.  We would be looking to home them as a pair as we feel it in their best interest not to be homed as only dogs.  They could possibly live with other dogs but we feel that due to their unusual start to life anyone offering them a forever home needs to give them their total attention as they adapt to life in a home. 

They are now clean in their kennel 99% of the time but this may ‘revert’ for a short time until they adapt to new surroundings.  When they arrived with RDR they had had limited interaction with humans and weren’t used to being walked on lead etc.  All household noises such as a TV or washing machine were very scary and adapting to life inside is and will be an ongoing journey.  They have learned to play with balls and some toys but that again has been a big learning curve for them.  They can still be wary of new people and definitely new situations but they have never shown any sign of aggression to a human or other dog. 

They are very active young dogs so we would be looking to home them in pairs into rural homes as they would struggle to adapt to town living and secure space for them to run and play in is a must.  They would suit an experienced active adult home or families with older children who are used to being around dogs.  They wouldn’t be suited to first time dog owners and do need to be with people who have the time and patience to continue building their confidence and to help them live their best lives.  

Although they are brothers they do have different personalities:

 Paddy has always been the most friendly and affectionate of the boys and is a happy chappy when he knows people.  He is always the first to great new people and is learning to play with a ball/toys.  Daithi is the most timid of the pair and does take time to get to know people.  He can be very shy until he gets to know you and will always ‘hang back’ and let his brother take the lead in new situations.

The boys really are a 10-14 year commitment so please only enquire if you can fullfill their needs.  For further info please call 07843 841778 or email