A young deaf boy that needs an experienced and understanding owner…

Ozzy was one year old in December 2020 and had already had several previous homes before coming to RDR.  We were told he is a Boxer x Bulldog and had been labelled as a ‘naughty’ pup who didn’t listen and was proving difficult to train. We soon realised why he didn’t listen as he is completely deaf! 

Just imagine how scary life must have been for him not being able to hear.  He is a big bouncy pup who with calm and kindness is learning some basic commands using sign language.  His ideal home would be somewhere rural as he get easily spooked by passing traffic and with a secure exercise area where he can run off lead. 

Because of his high energy levels and clumsiness we would be looking for a child free home and if possible one experienced with a dog deaf from birth.  He does get on well with other dogs of a similar size but can be a bit ‘too much’ for some.  Ozzy is now fully vaccinated, castrated and so deserves a forever home. 

If you’re interested in Ozzy, please email chair@ryedaledogrescue.org.uk Before you contact us please read Our Adoption Policy

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