Muskie and Shadow

We’re advertising Muskie and Shadow on behalf of their owner. Please contact the owner direct on  07974 891669 if you are interested.

‘It is with a heavy heart that I am having to re-home Muskie and Shadow through no fault of their own.

Unfortunately due to a relationship break down and pregnancy I can not give them the attention they need. Muskie and Shadow are a bonded pair so they need to be rehomed together: they suffer from separation anxiety if apart.

Muskie is a 10 year pure bred malamute. He is white and brown loves to cuddle and gets excited when he knows it’s time for breakfast  or when you come home. He is a pleasure to walk on a harness.

Shadow is a 7 year-old husky and he is definitely the baby of the pair. He loves plenty of attention and kisses.

Muskie and Shadow can live with a female dog of similar size, with careful introduction. They love every body they meet and are good with children. They are happy to have cuddles at any time with my son, who is seven.

Unfortunately they will need to live in a home with no small pets or cats. They have a high prey drive and cannot be let off lead. A secure garden with a fence of 6ft or higher with no gaps is a must: Shadow is an escape artist!

At feeding time they must be separated as Muskie can be a bully and will take Shadow’s food.

I would love for them to go to a family home where they can get all the love an attention they deserve. If you are interested give me a ring on 07974891669