A terrier looking for an adult only home…

Beryl came into RDR as a stray from a council pound and it was immediately noticed by the vets that she had a severe heart problem.  So with massive support from RDR donators she underwent open heart surgery in August 2020 to repair a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (hole in her heart).  The operation was a wonderful sucess and she was given an excellent prognosis to be able to lead a normal, happy doggy life. 

She is fully vaccinated and neutered and will soon be 3 years old (2021).  Beryl is a typical energetic working Patterdale Terrier and although she’s fine around other dogs she would not be suitable to live with any small furry or feathery animals or young children.  Although generally not destructive she will destroy toys in minutes so she does need a terrier savvy adult home. 

She is affectionate and likes attention but don’t let her sweet little face fool you as she’s certainly not a lapdog.

If you’re interested in Beryl, please email Before you contact us please read Our Adoption Policy